Medical Billing & Collections

Understanding the details of your medical specialty is critical to filing clean claims, which drives maximum revenue and reduces appeals. We have that knowledge and hands on experience in medical specialties through our total years of experience in house, our attendance of annual seminars, industry contacts, and specialty publications and news updates.

We properly interpret the care provided into the medical coding required by the carriers, which ensures you are paid the full value for your services.

We attend the annual seminars and conferences that affect your specialty. While many of the changes are easily understood through mass publications, there are critical changes that are not documented clearly, or have confusing language. We find the clarifications and explanations from panel experts on specific scenarios. By attending these events, we learn the intent of the change and adjust quickly with the carriers to avoid unnecessary appeals.

We also subscribe to specialty publications and newsletters. Staying informed by the advocate groups of our clients ensures that your medical billing is consistent with your credentials, and allows us to help promote the agendas of your specialty. Consistency in medical billing across a specialty is key in maintaining healthy revenue for services, and avoiding scrutiny by review panels.


Compliant medical billing is a fundamental element for DRS. Your medical billing is coded and transmitted by us with confirmed supporting documentation per the requirements dictated by Federal and State law. The benefit to you and your practice is both assured compliance and maximized revenue.

With the ever changing requirements for medical billing today, staying on top of the new codes, rules, and documentation is truly a full time job. But the reward is capturing full reimbursement for services provided to your patients.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing with Dominion Revenue Solutions:

  • Revenue Recovery by thorough pursuit of what is owed to the provider by Insurance, Medicare and the Patient
  • Experienced Professional Billing Staff provide vital tools to increasing cash flow and reducing A/R
  • Claims are reviewed by a professional before electronic submittal which speeds up reimbursement
  • DRS staff have extensive knowledge of the latest changes with coding and regulations that affect your business
  • Fees are competitive and based on a percentage of collections
  • Outsourcing to DRS provides consistent ongoing A/R management even during personnel shortages in your office
  • Outsourcing to DRS allows your office staff to take care of patients while DRS takes care of your business
  • Outsourcing to DRS of billing and collections is seamless and does not disrupt cash flow
  • Outsourcing to DRS can provide extensive month end reporting which can deliver an understanding of the status of all money owed
  • Outsourcing to DRS allows for tighter controls on Patient account management

Specialties include but not limited to:

  • Family Practice
  • Pediatrics
  • Home Health & Hospice
  • Durable Medical Equipment

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