Practice Management Consulting

Starting with your vision of the practice, we build an overall strategy to attain your goals. Your medical practice includes many elements that all need to work together in order to provide optimum healthcare for your patients and maintain the desired profitability. Our Practice Management Solutions analyze the practice work flow, identify key strengths and weaknesses, and implement solutions tailored to attain your vision of the practice. The benefits to you include:

  • Reduced overhead costs driving better revenues,
  • More efficient workflow allowing higher patient numbers, and
  • Implementation of growth strategies to reach the full desired potential.

Improving your revenue is approached through both increasing reimbursement and reducing costs. Making sure the work flow is efficient is only one side of the revenue equation. The other side is minimizing overhead costs. Through our Practice Management Solutions, we evaluate all elements in the practice and identify changes that provide value and return on investment. We define steps to take, and offer our services to implement as needed.

Out itemized services are included but not limited to the following:

  • Analysis of Financial Health of the Practice with cost and revenue analysis
  • Compliance auditing for E/M coding
  • Consulting services to facilitate the growth and development of the practice
  • Extensive easy to read month end reporting necessary to effectively manage your practice
  • Complete management of all Accounts payables
  • Outsourced I/T with flat fees
  • Customized software for automated charge entry
  • Education and Training

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