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Cost Reporting Services

Every year you are required to file Annual Medicare Cost Reports timely to CMS. Cost reporting is more than a federal mandate – it is a valuable resource for your management team and your entire operation. Not to mention that untimely filling can interrupt your cash flow. This is one more administrative task you have to deal with.

With the knowledge we have from managing your billing and financial operations, Dominion Revenue Solutions  is in a great place to prepare and review your Medicare Cost Report. Our Cost Report Analysis Service identifies valuable management information, including: Benchmarking, Key Performance indicators such as Medicare profit margin, Profit or loss by episode, Average cost per episode, Average number of visits per episode, Cost per visit.

Let us handle it all for you

Simply sign where required and send an envelope out. It can be that easy.

Let Our Highly Experienced Team Prepare Your Cost Reports:
$ /month

  • Save valuable time
  • Reduce potential errors
  • Maintain compliance standards

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