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Dominion Cash Flow

Your billing process is a key opportunity to streamline operations, accelerate reimbursement, and improve overall profitability. Home care agencies, hospices  long-term acute care, and skilled nursing providers often find themselves struggling with cash flow as a result of billing issues. With the implementation of Patient Driven-Groupings Model (PDGM), home health billing will become increasingly more complicated.

Alleviate the headaches associated with billing and receive the money you are owed for the services you provide when you partner with the Dominion Revenue Solutions team. Our extensive experience working with agencies of all sizes using a variety of EMR solutions means you’ll benefit from a streamline the process and speed the accurate submission of your claims.

The DRS Difference

As an extension of your team, you’ll have our revenue recovery management specialists dedicated to improving your cash flow and collecting full reimbursement – in some cases, improving Days Sales Outstanding by up to 10 days and reimbursement up to $325 more per episode. Other benefits include:

  • Fewer billing errors and faster turnaround
  • Overall improved cash flow
  • Receive all the money you are owed
  • Clean claims reduce risk of denials, underpayments, or take-backs
  • Rapid turnaround for quick revenue recovery

Services Included

Dominion Presence

The foundation of your revenue stream is determined by your current credentials and contract rates with insurance carriers. Whatever the payors have on file for your credentials and allowable billing determines your total revenue.

Let Dominion Revenue Solutions (DRS) apply our unique approach to expanding your market share by increasing your agency’s visibility and referrals, establishing strategies that will help distinguish your organization from the competition.

With an increasing number of providers and preferred-provider relationships, organizations are being challenged to set themselves apart from the competition. Whether affiliating with an Accountable Care Organization, becoming a preferred provider for referral sources, implementing strategies to enhance relationships, or negotiating improved commercial insurance contracts, DRS can help you to increase agency visibility and referrals by establishing strategies that will help distinguish your organization from the competition.

Services Included

Dominion Decisions

Quality Assurance Process Improvement, or QAPI, is a process dedicated to achieving positive results for your healthcare organization, individual employees, and customers. The process helps to identify factors that contribute to a desired performance or outcome and how those factors can be maintained, improved or strengthened.

The goal of the QAPI is for your agency to continuously look for ways to improve organizational processes and outcomes. At Dominion Revenue Solutions our team of experts will help you navigate this process, assisting you with data analytics and process tools to evaluate your processes, identify areas of improvement, implement plans and monitor results.

Our  services

Our QAPI & Data Analytics services help you make powerful decisions while remaining in compliance.

  • Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Monitor
  • Plan of Correction
  • Mock Survey
  • Survey Preparation and Remediation
  • Pre-Survey Emergency Preparedness
  • CAHPS Survey
  • Proprietary software for Data Analytics.
  • Start-Up Agency Consulting


Dominion Success

Set your vision high, then let the DRS team help you realize it with professional development, education and training, and events that will prepare you to lead with confidence and shape your future legacy.

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