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Those who need Texas medical billing services rely on Dominion Revenue Solutions. Speak to our healthcare reimbursement specialists if your home health care business needs holistic revenue cycle management.

Our Texas healthcare billing professionals will allow you to maximize revenue and cash flow. We can also assist you in getting your billing compliant with government regulations and guidelines.

When you work with us, you’ll see an immediate improvement through:

  • A variety of partnerships that will best serve your business
  • Reduced aging
  • Fewer accounts receivable days
  • Revenue

At Dominion Revenue Solutions, our credentialing, financial management services, coding, and billing make us your go-to among medical billing companies in Texas.

Let us know which services of ours you need!

Let Us Handle Your Medical Billing Needs

When you choose Dominion Medical Solutions, you know you’re getting expert solutions to your billing needs. Our abundant knowledge of the industry lets us help you file cleaner claims that result in fewer appeals.

We can help your business implement options for various multi-payer situations.

There’s nothing about Texas medical billing that we don’t know. Contact us today for more information.

We’re There to Help You Stay Up to Date

In the current market, you need to keep your billing up to date, and Dominion Revenue Solutions is uniquely situated to show you how.

If needed, we have options to audit your credentials and rates to make sure that you’re competitive. We’ll ensure that you’re bringing in maximum revenue by going over your rates with insurance providers.

Our extensive contacts in the home health care industry mean that we can help you catch up right away. You can grow and succeed with the help of our auditors. With our advice a 40 percent increase in revenue through updating is possible!

In addition to our Texas healthcare billing expert solutions, we’ll give you the assistance that you need to beat out your competitors with your insurance contract rates.

With Dominion Revenue Services, you can be sure of getting your foot in the door with our insurance industry connections.

You won’t have to try and do it all by yourself. Partnering with us is what will allow you to take your business to the next level.

We’ll Help You with Hospice Management and Billing in Texas

Dominion Revenue Solutions is one of the highly respected medical billing companies in Texas, and we can also offer you options for your Medicare hospice billing.

With our expert advice and direction, hospice providers can overcome common problems in Medicare billing. Our experts know all the solutions because they have plenty of experience working with Medicare.

As it relates to Texas hospice billing, our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations. To do so, we carefully monitor the changing guidelines for hospice billing with Medicare, and we keep you up to date.

We have various financial management services to get your business’ accounting in order in addition to our hospice billing services.

We offer these financial management options:

We train you and your team on accounting best practices

We keep you up to date with federal requirements on cost report analyses

We can help you by determining risk and business exposure through M&A audits

Streamlining your claims and referrals through project engineering

What differentiates us from other Texas healthcare billing companies is our level of commitment to giving you the tools you need to succeed. With our many services, we can help your business bring in more revenue.

For more on how Dominion Revenue Solutions is the correct solution to your Texas medical billing needs, contact us today.

The Texas Medical Billing Experts

With our expertise and knowledge, Dominion Revenue Solutions can help you succeed in the home health care industry.

We have a deep professional background that will give you the confidence for which you were looking to handle medical billing with no problems. We remove all of the guesswork from your billing process. Our staff is committed to working hard for you and proving every day why we are the most knowledgeable entity in the industry.

We’re confident in saying that we are the top choice of medical billing companies in Texas. We offer the best services that you’re going to find.

If you’re still not convinced that we’re the solution for you, contact us and let us prove our worth!

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