We’re more than a medical billing company. We’re a revenue transformation partner bringing about clarity and peace of mind.

“Dominion Revenue Solutions has brought us up to 100% revenue recovery and is a joy to work with! DRS is extremely knowledgeable, will track down and recover all prior earned revenues plus current with a vengeance, and work seamlessly with all types of licensure and payers, and are a valued irreplaceable member of our team!” – Vicki N. (CEO)

Transforming Revenue Cycle Complexity into Clarity: Your Path to Peace of Mind

The True Cost of Lost Revenue is Greater Than You Think.

Lost revenue hinders growth, limits investment in patient care, and strains staff resources. It also creates uncertainty, stress, and financial instability.

These revenue challenges can impede staff recruitment and retention due to uncertainty and budgetary limitations.

Uncollected money prevents you from achieving your full potential as a home health or hospice care provider.

of home health agencies experience billing errors and inefficiencies, resulting in 5% average revenue loss.
(Source: AAPC)
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Denials alone account for 5-10% of uncollected home health revenue.
(Source: MedTech Magazine)
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Average potential revenue of hospice providers lost due to billing errors and denials.
(Source: NAHC)
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How We Help


Dominion RCM

Revenue Cycle Management

Outsource your billing and collections department to focus on delivering high-quality clinical care and advance your agency.


Dominion Cash Flow

Revenue Recovery Projects

Request a comprehensive revenue recovery project to recover lost revenue, identify inefficiencies, and improve your accounts receivable.


Dominion Expansion

Revenue Cycle Accelerator

Our solution for startup or newly expanding agencies who desire to build a strong revenue foundation so they can grow with confidence.

Our clients experience a collection rate of 99% within 90 days.

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