“Dominion Revenue Solutions has brought us up to 100% revenue recovery and is a joy to work with! DRS is extremely knowledgeable, will track down and recover all prior earned revenues plus current with a vengeance, and work seamlessly with all types of licensure and payers, and are a valued irreplaceable member of our team!”

– Vicki N. (CEO)

Blessing and her team are professional, effective, and frequently review not only their processes, but also work with us on our processes to ensure a strong workflow and deliver consistently quality results.

I have appreciated Blessing’s excellent communication and commitment to data-driven results for our organization, and I’ve said repeatedly that DRS is one of the easiest and most functional vendor relationships I’ve experienced.

Blessing has taken it upon herself to ensure she and her team function well within our EMR, and she has, on multiple occasions, assisted us in resolving issues with our electronic billing setup, glitches at the level of our clearinghouse, and struggles at the payer level.

I would absolutely recommend DRS to anyone that wants less stress around revenue cycle management.

– Tiffany D, (Chief Integration Officer)

Our agency has been with DRS (Dominion Revenue Services) for the past 4 to 5 years now, and we are truly appreciative of Blessing (CEO and Owner) and her outstanding staff with the services they provide.

From the weekly reports, prompt billing, staying up to date with Medicare/Insurance changes, webinars to update her clients, and their willingness to answer our questions anytime. In all my years in this industry, I have not met a more helpful and resourceful Billing Service Company

– Jessy T, RN (DON/Administrator)

Our transition to Dominion Revenue Solutions was smooth. Their onboarding process was so helpful. Their staff are so responsive and attentive to problems that arise.

Our cashflow has been consistent since we switched to DRS. They have exceeded our expectations.

– Shelby W, RN (Administrator/ DON)

DRS has been very helpful in our day to day Medicare and commercial billing department. We usually have at least one question every day, sometime more. The staff is always professional and so willing to help us with our needs and concerns. So glad the company made the transition to DRS.

– LaNell W, (CFO)

DRS Billing has been a tremendous help to our organization. Prior to using them, we did our billing in-house with constant loses and denials in Medicare Advantage. DRS was able to collect a significant portion of old claims during the claims recovery process that would have otherwise been missed. We have also seen a remarkable increase in our current Medicare Advantage collections thanks to DRS.

– Amy D, RN (Administrator)

After almost 8 yrs using in house billing, I was reluctant to accept a free audit from DRS. Nevertheless, from that simple audit we discovered almost 45 thousand dollars in lost revenue of which 25 thousand were billable. With her promise to recover 25 thousand within 6 weeks, I had no choice but to sign a contract. Ever since working with Dominion Revenue Solutions has been a dream come true.

– Fidelis B, (Administrator)

I have worked with Dominion Revenue Solutions to credential and contract our home health agency with various government and commercial payers. They are thorough, professional and follow through with every single application until the process is completed. I have increased my referral sources by partnering with DRS.

– Rufina N, RN, (Administrator/DON)

Partnering with Dominion Revenue Solutions has been a game-changer for our agency!

Their exceptional billing team has not only helped us recover lost revenue but also maximized our reimbursements with multiple insurance payors. They have brought so much clarity to our revenue cycle. Knowing that our billing is handled with care allows us to focus on other important aspects of our business and gives us peace of mind.

We highly recommend DRS to any agency looking to improve their financial performance!

– Blessy S. RN FNP-C, (Alternate Administrator)

Dominion Revenue Solutions has been a superb company to work with.

The onboarding process was simple and easy to navigate. The staff have been a joy to work with and provide answers quickly. Our company’s cash flow has increased and has been consistent. The monthly reports are informative and user-friendly. Blessing and her staff have been an asset to our company.

We at Happy at Home highly recommend this company.

– Theresa W, (CEO / Administrator)

If you are having trouble receiving payments it would greatly benefit you to contact Dominion Revenue Solutions. None of us can afford to provide service for free. I was not receiving payments for care that was approved, authorized, and delivered through HMO companies.

I reached out to Dominion Revenue Solutions and they helped so much. They understand the language and methods of billing and payments and they were able to recover a large amount of money that I would not otherwise have gotten. Please don’t miss the opportunity to recover any funds that are owed you for services you provided, contact Dominion Revenue Solutions today. You won’t be disappointed.

– Chuck R, RN, CDONA, (Administrator)

Dominion Revenue Solutions took over our in-house billing and immediately improved our billing output and revenue. Within three months DRS had decreased our receivables by over 20%. In addition, they were able to capture unbilled revenue because of missing codes and recovered revenue from previously denied claims. Financially speaking DRS cleaned up our practice. In addition to billing claims, they took over the maintenance of our Practice Management system. They collaborated with our software company in the configuration and customization of the system to meet our needs within the practice. All payers were reviewed and ERA and EFT were set-up speedily.

With a unique combination of clinical, financial and technology skills, the service at DRS is second to none. They are proactive, diligent and consistent in their service. They truly live by their values of Precision, Integrity and Reliability. I am pleased to recommend Dominion Revenue Solutions to you highly and without reservation.

– Stella I, MD

For over 18 months I fought with a commercial payer in an attempt to collect reimbursement for home health care provided to a patient. After series of frustrated attempts, I contacted Dominion Revenue Solutions (DRS). Within a few weeks, the claims were paid and I recovered over $12K.

If you need billing or revenue recovery for your home health agency, call DRS. They are knowledgeable, fast and very professional. I highly recommend DRS for your billing needs.

– Agatha O, (Administrator)

This is my second year working with Dominion Revenue Solution. The company is very thorough, my claims are now paid on time always. I will recommend them to any one who needs medical billing in a heart beat.

– Nora M, (Administrator)