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Tips on Joining Commercial Insurance Networks for Home Health Agencies

June 16, 2020

Given the current economic and regulatory environment for home health agencies, many have been largely driven by Medicare payments, making agencies hesitant to turn to managed care and commercial insurance to drive additional revenue. The process to seek and secure payment outside of traditional channels can be overwhelming. However, considering that some agencies increase revenue by 20% to 30% when introducing alternative payment sources, it’s worth considering as Medicare increases regulations and compliance measures. As cash flow…

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How Private Insurance Credentialing Pays Off for Home Health Agencies

January 24, 2020

To keep these payors’ revenue streams healthy, the most effective strategy is the diversification of revenue streams by contracting with private insurers. Here’s why your HHA should consider it and what you need to do to get started: Adoption of private insurance among the senior market is growing, especially among older Americans with Medicare. According to statistics from American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), 22 percent of Medicare enrollees had private supplemental insurance coverage in 2016 and this enrollment…

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How Home Health Credentialing and Contracting Give Agencies an Edge

November 4, 2019

If there are two things home health agencies (HHAs) can count on, it’s ever-changing regulations and mounds of paperwork. It can be a full-time job just trying to keep up with each of these facets of the industry, yet critically important in order to maximize reimbursement and contract rates. At Dominion Revenue Solutions, we understand the challenges HHAs face, and that’s why we offer professional home health credentialing and contracting services to help. What Are the Benefits of Home…

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