Dominion WORKFlow

Process Improvement

This program is designed to improve integration between front-end office, clinical, back-end office and financial operations of providers to increase overall collections.

Our solution for Revenue Cycle Management Process Improvement

Effective cash generation goes beyond billing and collections processes. In fact, many write-offs occur because of revenue cycle challenges dating from before a claim is ever generated. Issues within any revenue cycle department can create obstacles to payment or result in write-offs. Proactive evaluation of an organization starting at the point of referral and continuing through to billing and collections is required for achieving efficient cash generation.


Dominion Workflow employs an organization-wide approach to revenue cycle improvement. By improving integration between front-end office, clinical, back-end office and financial operations, providers increase overall collections.


We fully understand the interdependent nature of an effective revenue cycle and have tailored a solution to assist your agency in improving collections and maximize revenue overall.

RCM Review and Re-Design

The initial step for our workflow development is to assess your current revenue cycle management process and identify areas of improvement.

We will re-design your entire process for an improved workflow and maximized revenue, tailored to your unique needs as well as working with you current staffing capacity.

Coaching for RCM Leadership

We believe coaching is a necessary component to an improved performance. Additional education after initial training is key to your employees retaining the information learned during training.

Recognizing that there is a limit to what employees can digest in a short period of time, we recommend that when feasible, training should be spread out over multiple sessions.

Customized Training for Staff

Remaining current with the intricacies and changes related to billing regulations and requirements can be a daunting task for billers who must focus on performing their daily billing and collections responsibilities. We will bring your staff up to speed on industry guidelines and provide customized training sessions to fill the gaps in knowledge and experience.

Quarterly Revenue Cycle Manage Audits

The Dominion Workflow includes two quarterly revenue cycle management audits to follow-up audits to track their progress in improving your process.