A Practical Example of Home Health Cost Savings with Outsourced Medical Billing

According to recent CMS.gov data, 10% of all home healthcare claims are rejected.


With the average claim being approximately $2k, you can see how the cost of not being able to capture this portion of your total claims can quickly add up.


In addition to the money you can recoup by having fewer claims rejected, when you work with Dominion Revenue Services for outsourced billing, there’s another part of the savings equation to consider; the money saved by reducing your home health agency’s overhead costs.


Consider this simple example: your home or hospice agency sends out $X of billed claims in a year, resulting in $X in collections from in-house billing vs. $X in collections from an outsourced team.


The next question should be… does outsourcing cost more than the revenue from the additional collections? 


To calculate this, your home health or hospice agency will need to factor in overhead costs such as:


  • Billing department equipment and office space
  • Salaries for staff
  • Payroll tax costs for the staff
  • Costs for software and computer hardware
  • Other miscellaneous expenses for supplies


Below, we provide an example of how to calculate the potential cost savings of outsourced hospice billing for your hospice or agency to make it easy to see the benefits of outsourcing.


Annual Outsourced Cost


You can calculate your potential cost savings by using this spreadsheet and completing it with your own agency’s numbers.

Simply fill out the form below to download.


Download Cost Savings Spreadsheet

You may be surprised to see how much you could be adding to your bottom line by making the simple change to outsourced medical billing. Our conservative calculation could save you over $30k a month!

If you have questions about these calculations or would like to discuss your specific situation further, then contact our team for a consultation.