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Quality Assurance Process Improvement, or QAPI, is a process dedicated to achieving positive results for your healthcare organization, individual employees, and customers. The process helps to identify factors that contribute to a desired performance or outcome and how those factors can be maintained, improved or strengthened.

The goal of the QAPI is for your agency to continuously look for ways to improve organizational processes and outcomes. At Dominion Revenue Solutions our team of experts will help you navigate this process, assisting you with data analytics and process tools to evaluate your processes, identify areas of improvement, implement plans and monitor results.

Our services

Our QAPI & Data Analytics services help you make powerful decisions while remaining in compliance.

  • Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement Monitor
  • Plan of Correction
  • Mock Survey
  • Survey Preparation and Remediation
  • Pre-Survey Emergency Preparedness
  • CAHPS Survey
  • Proprietary software for Data Analytics.
  • Start-Up Agency Consulting


Process Engineering

We provide a fundamental review of processes from referral management to claims generation with recommendations for achieving best practices to maximize resources and gain a competitive edge.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide the documentation, bench-marking, reports and other supportive information necessary for assessing and quantifying your business risk and minimizing your exposure, while maximizing the opportunities that exist.

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