Mergers & Acquisitions – Due Diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions - Due Diligence

At DRS, we offer Remote QA Solutions as an affordable remedy for costly non-compliance. Our team of qualified QA nurses deliver compliance driven review of all agency documentation to assist your agency in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Your agency will be assigned a Project Manager that will work closely with your agency’s Administrator/DON to ensure agency satisfaction.

We assign one or more QA nurses to your account based on your active census. This allows the QA nurse to get to know your field nurses which is proven to benefit the agency and our staff. Our QA nurses return documents as many times as needed to instruct the field nurse and bring them into regulatory compliance. Your field nurses will become more compliant and the number of items returned will decrease. Another benefit to your agency is that our QA nurses are a “neutral” voice and personality conflicts are eliminated.

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