How to ensure hospice billing is done the right way

39554244_MMany healthcare industries have their own billing challenges, distinctive attributes unique to their type of work. That’s true of hospice billing, which has its share of federal and state regulations governing this healthcare aspect.

Working with an expert to help with your concerns with hospice billing can bring you peace of mind and help you not only be compliant but also gain more revenue than originally considered.

Here’s a look at what makes hospice in and of itself something that requires its own solution.


Deciding on a plan for collection and billing 

With hospice, some needs go beyond insurance payment. Different clients may be using Medicare instead of an insurance provider, and each requires a different way to assess billing.

What we do at DRS is to offer a thorough assessment at first to look at your existing requirements, and then come up with a plan of action to solve any concerns. The goal is for you to focus more on daily operations and patient care than billing or collections.


The reasons to go with an expert

There are several solid pluses to using a company like ours to achieve your hospice billing strategy. Having someone with the necessary insight and training to help you meet your strategic goals is essential to finding greater success.

A few of the advantages of working with a company on billing include the following:

  • You can minimize administrative hassles with others working on your side
  • You can focus more on patient treatments and quality care
  • You have a more efficient workflow at every stage, including billing
  • You can add liquidity to your business while also decreasing receivables
  • You will see fewer billing mistakes with expert advice and help
  • You can prevent internal audit checks on your billing and collections


Get some expert advice and work on your billing

Helping you with your billing — with guidance on what you can do to leverage it in the best way for additional revenue — is just part of the service we provide to our clients. We consider ourselves your A-team for healthcare reimbursement.

We specialize in medical billing, but also do work within the realms of revenue recovery and revenue cycle assessment.

We’d love to work with you to solve any challenges you may have with cash flow and medical revenue so that you can focus entirely on patients and their care. Go to our website to see more about what we can provide.