Key Steps of a Successful Medical Billing Process

Medical billing is a complex and confusing yet necessary process for medical billing companies in Dallas, Texas, like the industry specialists at Dominion Revenue Solutions. Behind the front counters and examination rooms, an advanced system to handling the billing of medical services is in motion by trained and experienced professionals.

When patients with medical insurance receive healthcare that is covered in their policies, the way it is billed often depends on the insurance company’s procedures and guidelines through effective healthcare revenue cycle management.

Key Steps for Medical Billing Companies in Dallas Texas

Mistakes, typos, and an inefficient transfer of data can slow down the process of medical billing, delaying reimbursement payments to those who need and deserve it.  In some cases, such as emergency care and Medicare hospice billing, the patient’s serious circumstances require expedient services.

The following are the key steps to take to facilitate an efficient, successful medical billing process.

Patient Registration

The first step in the process for medical billing companies in Dallas, Texas, is registering a new patient and storing the information to access for future visits. The information for new patients must be entered accurately and completely to keep the billing process efficient and on track.

Financial Responsibility, Insurance Eligibility

Circumstances change, and patients often change insurance plans or companies. It is important to the flow of the medical billing process that insurance information is verified with each visit. Changes in medical insurance may also affect the patient’s benefit and authorization information.

Accurate Bill Entry

All patient information and billing codes must be entered properly and accurately to help physician credentialing services ensure a smooth, efficient medical billing process. Inputting errors will delay the process and force duplicate efforts to resolve the issue.


Medical claim coders are typically responsible for making sure the claim’s coding and format for a medical facility and home health billing are within the standards of compliance.

Preparing Claims

Insurance claim forms may vary by company, but they all require the same types of information. Medical insurance claim forms typically include:

  • Patient information
  • Medical history
  • Procedures performed with proper coding
  • Insurance provider and National Provider Index (NPI) identification number
  • Place of service code

Statements and/or Bills

Patients receive a billing statement outlining the remaining portion of the bill not covered by the insurance claim. An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is often included to detail the billing process.

Payment Collections

Often the most challenging part of the medical billing process is to collect the money owed by patients after their claim has been approved. Medical billers mail out accurate, timely billing statements and follow up with delinquent accounts. In the most severe cases, billers will use the services of a third-party collection agency to help ensure payment is received.

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Even in the best circumstances with the most efficient systems, the process of medical billing can be frustrating. Insurance companies rely on different kinds of claims systems, complicating an already detailed process. Dominion Revenue Solutions is dedicated to providing effective solutions that stand above other medical billing companies in Dallas, Texas. Contact Dominion Revenue Solutions today or log onto your Facebook page for complete information.

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