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We are healthcare reimbursement specialists offering complete comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solution for the home healthcare industry. We help home health providers sustainably serve the needs of their community by increasing their cash flow and maximizing revenue while staying compliant with all government regulations and guidelines.

With us, your organization will see notable improvements in:

  • Increasing your revenue
  • Shrinking the number of accounts receivable days
  • reducing aging in your accounts receivable
  • Forming successful partnerships with physician groups, government payors, and managed care insurance companies.

Dominion Revenue Solutions is a full-service provider of medical billing, remote QA and coding, credentialing contracts and financial management services.

Here Are a Few Reasons Medical Practices Call Us

  • Problems with cash flow
  • In-house billers are behind schedule
  • Can’t meet payroll
  • Billing staff not properly trained
  • Can’t pay the bills
  • Billing company won’t communicate
  • Doctors work more hours, less revenue
  • Needed reports not received
  • Insurance high
  • No follow ups on claims
  • Billing staff doesn’t work enough

Your Home Health Care Billing Solution

At Dominion Revenue Solutions, we understand that billing for home healthcare can be a headache. That’s why our services are targeted at easing your billing process with expert solutions.

Our services include helping you file clean claims by understanding your medical specialty. That knowledge will help drive more revenue for our clients and reduce appeals from your patients.

As a full-service healthcare billing company, we offer you a wide range of services across a variety of multi-payer scenarios, including:

  • Traditional Medicare
  • Medicare managed care
  • Private insurance plans
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare second payer
  • Worker’s comp
  • Department of Veterans Affairs

With experience across the entire spectrum of the health care industry, we are a medical billing company that works for you. Don’t wait, contact us today.

Let Us Get You Up to Speed

As leaders in the field of Medicare health care billing, we work to ensure that your business is up to speed with rapidly changing guidelines.

Our services include keeping your credentials and contract rates with insurance providers up to date. With the help of our qualified professionals, you can ensure that you are bringing in maximum revenue.

Dominion Revenue Solutions’ deep ties to the health care industry mean we can help our clients get up to speed as efficiently as possible. With our auditing services and connections, we can help you realize as much as a 40 percent increase in revenue through credential updating and contract revision.

With our help, we can not only get you up to date but prepare you for the future with expert guidance and continuing solutions. We can help you stay ahead of your contract rates and credentials.

Let us help you get in the door at a variety of insurance companies and drive increased revenue. With a deep well of experience and insider knowledge, we are the best solution for your needs.

We Can Help with Hospice Billing

In addition to world-class Medicare reimbursement services, we can also help our clients navigate strict guidelines for hospice care.

Our Medicare home health billing services can help hospice providers overcome common mistakes and misconceptions in the reimbursement process. We can help you keep your billing on time and streamline your reimbursements.

In addition, we work to help you navigate the complicated process of billing for hospice-related medication. Our experts are up to date on all the guidelines and regulations to get you reimbursed for your hospice care fast.

At Dominion Revenue Solutions, our goal is to meet each of our clients’ complex and evolving needs. Nowhere is this more necessary in hospice care, which requires a wealth of knowledge and an experienced hand.

If you’re looking for great solutions to your hospice billing needs, look no further!

Our Financial Management Services Can Meet Your Needs

Dominion Revenue Solutions can help you maximize your home health care billing needs, and we offer a range of financial management services to help you succeed.

The additional services we provide include:

  • Process engineering help you streamline your referral to claims pipeline
  • Mergers and acquisitions auditing to determine your risk and minimize exposure
  • Cost report analysis to meet federal requirements
  • Accounting training to help you and your team get up to speed

With the range of additional services we provide, Dominion Revenue Solutions is the clear choice for home healthcare providers. Not only can we help you streamline your Medicare home health billing, but we can also give you the tools you need to maximize your revenue and strengthen your business.

Don’t wait to get your financial house in order. Contact us today.

The Experts in Home Health Care

For your business to succeed in the home health care industry, you need experts giving you the knowledge and connections to grow.

At Dominion Revenue Solutions, our deep well of professional experience means you can be feel confident that your needs are being met. Our medical billing company staff will work to ensure that your billing process is simple and clear. We take pride in the fact that our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded every time.

With so many options to help your team, our staff believes we can help you tackle your most challenging billing needs with maximum efficiency. And if your billing is already in order, we can help you set up a strong financial management infrastructure.

Not only can our experts work for you, we also offer you a range of resources that will help you stay competitive in the field. Our research is backed by years of experience and insider knowledge of home health care best practices and consistent success.

With all that we have to offer, we are the best choice for home health care billing, Medicare health care billing and more.

Don’t wait another day, reach out to our team immediately and get your billing in order today!

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