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“I highly recommend Dominion Revenue Solutions (DRS)... They are extremely knowledgeable, will track down and recover all prior earned revenues plus current with a vengeance, and work seamlessly with TMHP, all MCOs, any and all types of licensure, and are a valued irreplaceable member of our team!” - Vicki N.

Achieve 97% plus Collection Rates.

"DRS has been very helpful in our day-to-day Medicare and commercial billing department. We usually have at least one question every day, sometimes more. The staff is always professional and so willing to help us with our needs and concerns. So glad our company made the transition to DRS." - LaNell W., CFO

Revenue Recovery Projects

Lost money? Not sure what's missing? We bring clarity and help you recover revenue.



Revenue Cycle Management

Money leakage everywhere you look? Let us take over your billing and collections department and patch up the holes.


Are you flying blind? We'll help you turn your data into meaningful information for effective decision-making.



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Lost revenue adds up

Hospice Agencies

  • Hospice providers lose an average of 8% of potential revenue due to billing errors and denials. (Source: NAHC)
  • For a hospice agency with $5 million in annual revenue, 8% lost revenue amounts to $400,000 a year.
  • Incorrect coding alone leads to 50% of hospice claim denials, highlighting the importance of accurate documentation and billing expertise. (Source: AAPC)

Home Health Agencies

  • 72% of home health agencies experience billing errors and inefficiencies, resulting in an average revenue loss of 5%. (Source: AAPC)
  • For a mid-sized home health agency with $10 million in annual revenue, 5% lost revenue translates to a staggering $500,000 a year.
  • Denials alone account for 5-10% of uncollected home health revenue, often due to coding errors, incomplete documentation, and improper claim submission. (Source: MedTech Magazine)

The true cost of lost revenue is greater than you think.

  • Lost revenue hinders growth, limits investment in patient care, and strains staff resources.
  • Lost income creates uncertainty, stress, and financial instability.
  • These revenue challenges can impede staff recruitment and retention due to uncertainty and budgetary limitations.
  • Uncollected money prevents you from achieving your full potential as a home health or hospice care provider.

“Our agency has been with DRS (Dominion Revenue Services) for the past 4 to 5 years now, and we are truly appreciative of Blessing (CEO and Owner) and her outstanding staff with the services they provide. From the weekly reports, prompt billing, staying up to date with Medicare/Insurance changes, webinars to update her clients, and their willingness to answer our questions anytime. In all my years in this industry, I have not met a more helpful and resourceful Billing Service Company.” - Jessy T., RN 


“DRS Billing has been a tremendous help to our organization.  Prior to using them, we did our billing in-house with constant losses and denials in Medicare Advantage. DRS was able to collect a significant portion of old claims during the claims recovery process that would have otherwise been missed. We have also seen a remarkable increase in our current Medicare Advantage collections thanks to DRS.” - Amy D., Administrator

Close your eyes. It's January of next year. You're reviewing year-end reports, and a smile stretches across your face.

Every billable penny was collected. 

Not 75%, not 85%, but 97% plus collection rates. 

It's not just a dream; it's your new billing reality.

Remember the constant cash flow worries? Gone. 

The frustrating denials and delays? Faded memories. 

The lost revenue that could have funded expansion, better equipment, or enriched patient care? Replaced by a sense of confidence and financial abundance.

This dream isn't a distant fantasy. 

It's the tangible result of partnering with Dominion Revenue Solutions. 

We're not just another revenue recovery service. We're your billing transformation champions, helping home health and hospice agencies like yours achieve the seemingly impossible: 97% plus or better collection rates

How did we make this billing dream a reality?

  • We started with a revenue recovery project to find that lost money.
  • Then, we improved your billing process to ensure that there was no lost billing ever again.
  • We conducted quarterly reports to check in on the progress and identify further opportunities for improvement and efficiency. 
  • We work ongoing with you to overcome your specific billing challenges

"If you are having trouble receiving payments it would greatly benefit you to contact Dominion Revenue Solutions. None of us can afford to provide service for free. I was not receiving payments for care that was approved, authorized, and delivered through HMO companies.

I reached out to Dominion Revenue Solutions and they helped so much. They understand the language and methods of billing and payments and they were able to recover a large amount of money that I would not otherwise have gotten. 

Please don’t miss the opportunity to recover any funds that are owed you for services you provided. Contact Dominion Revenue Solutions today. You won’t be disappointed." - Chuck R., RN Administrator

Schedule a free discovery consultation and discover the DRS difference.

  • Personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.
  • Proprietary processes that deliver results.
  • A dedicated team of billing experts committed to your success.
  • Data-driven strategies for continuous improvement.
  • Guidance for the uncertainties and unknown challenges that arise.

Join our clients, as part of the 97% plus collection club.

Contact us today for a discovery consultation and take the first step towards billing freedom this year and beyond.

P.S. Don't forget to imagine the look on your staff's faces when you announce 97% plus collection rates at your next team meeting!

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