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A Practical Example of Home Health Cost Savings with Outsourced Medical Billing

May 19, 2020

According to recent data, 10% of all home health care claims are rejected. With the average claim being approximately $2000, you can see how the cost of not being able to capture this portion of your total claims can quickly add up. In addition to the money you can recoup by having fewer claims rejected when you work with Dominion Revenue Services for outsourced billing, there’s another part of the savings equation to consider: the money…

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How Much Cash Will You Receive from Outsourcing Your Medical Billing? Learn Why Home Health Care Providers Rely on Us to Improve Cash Flow

May 15, 2020

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on home health care agencies, hitting their cash flow very hard. If your agency is struggling with declining revenue and worried about paying its bills—now is the time to talk to us about outsourced medical billing and revenue recovery services. Before you start thinking, “I can’t afford to pay someone to do medical billing and revenue recovery work for our agency.” Rest assured, you only pay for our services if you…

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Download the COVID-19 Cash Flow Guide for Home Health Care Providers

April 24, 2020

COVID-19 continues to bring enormous changes to the home health care profession. On a daily basis, changes from CMS and other regulatory bodies are forcing non-acute healthcare providers to change the way they operate. This, in combination with changes in patient care demands and overall facility census, has a significant impact on billing practices and revenue cycles…it all leads to stress on your bottom line. Now is the time to focus on patient care and the health…

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Best Practices to Optimize Cash Flow for Home Health Agencies

April 22, 2020

A steady stream of revenue is critical for home health agencies, otherwise their operations will not be able to function optimally. If revenue is reduced significantly for any period of time, it puts significant stress on the agency’s bottom line. Here are just a few of the best practices and smart strategies for keeping your cash flowing in light of the changes from CMS covered in our COVID-19 Cash Flow Guide for Home Health Care Providers. Keep in…

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Why Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management Makes Sense in Today’s Healthcare Economy

March 20, 2020

The business of providing healthcare is more complex than ever—which means the business of managing revenue cycle processes is, too. Whether you are an administrator of established home health agency or hospice facility or a new visiting physician or nurse practitioner starting their own practice, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the time, money and effort it takes to keep up to date with your billing, follow up on claim denials and the other tasks involved in…

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Choice Review is Coming! Get Prepared with these FAQs

March 3, 2020

How do I know when Choice Review will affect my agency? Since CMS is rolling out Choice Review with a series of demonstrations at different times in different states, the best way to know when your agency may be affected is by checking the CMS website. The CMS is generally providing 60 days advance notice. Choice Review currently applies to home health agencies (HHAs) that operate in and render services to Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries in Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina,…

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Be Proactive About the PDGM Cash Crunch—Take Advantage of Our Free Revenue Recovery Offer Now

February 16, 2020

Now that we’re about six weeks into the new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) we’re starting to hear from many home health agencies about the challenges of the associated changes and the potential impact to their bottom line. Slower reimbursement cycles with PDGM are something that are likely to cause a cash crunch for many agencies very soon. This is why revenue recovery of existing claims is so important right now! Did you know that Medicare will reimburse…

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How Private Insurance Credentialing Pays Off for Home Health Agencies

January 24, 2020

on these payors in order to keep their revenue streams healthy. The most effective strategy for the diversification of revenue streams is by contracting with private insurers. Here’s why your HHA should consider it and what you need to do to get started: Adoption of private insurance among the senior market is growing, especially among older Americans with Medicare. According to statistics from American Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), 22 percent of Medicare enrollees had private supplemental insurance coverage…

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Tips to Help You Understand Your Medical Bill

January 23, 2020

Tips to Help You Understand Your Medical Bill Medical bills from medical billing companies in Houston are complicated documents with codes and confusing line items. It may be tempting to simply find the bottom line and pay what you owe. The problem is that mistakes in medical billing are common and may be costing you significant money in duplicate charges and other billing errors. If you have had multiple visits or procedures, your statement could be pages…

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Key Steps of a Successful Medical Billing Process

January 22, 2020

Medical billing is a complex and confusing yet necessary process for medical billing companies in Dallas, Texas, like the industry specialists at Dominion Revenue Solutions. Behind the front counters and examination rooms, an advanced system to handling the billing of medical services is in motion by trained and experienced professionals. When patients with medical insurance receive healthcare that is covered in their policies, the way it is billed often depends on the insurance company’s procedures and guidelines…

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