Ways that outsourcing your medical billing can help your business

Outsourcing your medical billing

Many companies are now using experts to help bolster skills needed for a medical practice to thrive. In our latest blog, we talk about how outsourcing can be used for more effective medical billing and management of the revenue cycle. Both areas are crucial for success and outsourcing may bring peace of mind.

Thinking more about QAPI

Quality Assurance Process Improvement, or QAPI, is a way to transform how you work. It can lead to some improvements not only in your own methods of work, but also lead to more revenue that you may have been missing.

How The PDGM Phase Out – Notice of Admission Will Effect Your Agency

If you aren’t up to speed on MEDICARE’s No-Pay RAP requirement changes, it’s not too late. Dominion Revenue Solutions wants to help home health agencies like yours understand precisely how adding the 2022 Notice of Admission (NOA) changes will affect you and avoid payment reductions from transpiring due to non-compliance.   Notice of Admission CMS […]

Costly Medical Billing Errors: How Home Health Agencies Can Avoid Them

An important distinction when it comes to medical billing errors is the difference between a rejected claim and a denied claim. A rejected claim is one caused by a billing error which may be the result of a clerical error, or a mismatched procedure and ICD codes. These claims can then be corrected and resubmitted. […]

Burnout: Beware of These Warning Signs

The home health profession is emotionally, physically, and mentally demanding—we don’t need to tell you that! However, like many aspects of health care, those working to support patients whether directly or indirectly in administrative roles are at high risk of burnout. While you may think career-related burnout is “no big deal” it can have a […]