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How outsourcing billing can help you provide the highest level of care

September 29, 2022

Is your agency ready for the full transition to the HHVBP model? Have you planned who will be responsible for the reporting and documentation? Here’s why you should include outsourcing your billing responsibilities in your plan.

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Key Steps of a Successful Medical Billing Process

January 22, 2020

Medical billing is a complex and confusing yet necessary process for medical billing companies in Dallas, Texas, like the industry specialists at Dominion Revenue Solutions. Behind the front counters and examination rooms, an advanced system to handling the billing of medical services is in motion by trained and experienced professionals. When patients with medical insurance receive healthcare that is covered in their policies, the way it is billed often depends on the insurance company’s procedures and guidelines…

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Your Medical Billing Claims May Be Denied

December 16, 2019

We understand how frustrating it can be when you have medical billing claims rejected. Denied claims cost you money and significant time trying to fight denials or collect money from patients. Knowing these common reasons why medical billing claims are denied is key to reducing their occurrence: Missing information. If you are missing information on a claim or you do not have all of the required documentation, it is likely to be denied. Transcription errors. Accuracy is the key…

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Medicare advantage

January 3, 2019

Medicare advantage Home health care is changing frequently due to the use of Medicare in payment of services. It is not just the traditional Medicare, rather the new one often referred to as Medicare advantages (MA). MA are being incorporated into care offered to chronically ill clients.  In addition, Medicare is set to offer supplemental services that are not health related. Supplemental services include the determination of social health determinants and assessing them.  One may receive the…

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